How many vCPUs/Cores does our Windows VPS Servers have?

Created on 2021-08-21 Updated on 2024-01-06

Our Main Windows VPS Servers are equipped with the latest technology in virtualization - the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) Type-1 Virtualization. This ensures that our servers maintain an efficient and high processor performance. Additionally, the vCPUs can be divided into different plans to suit every need. Windows VPS Servers Plans:

  1. 4GB RAM with 2vCPUs (vCores)
  2. 8GB RAM with 4vCPUs (vCores)
  3. 10GB RAM with 6vCPUs (vCores)
  4. 12GB RAM with 8vCPUs (vCores)
  5. 16GB RAM with 10vCPUs (vCores)
  6. 32GB RAM with 12vCPUs (vCores)

To obtain information regarding other server types, such as GIANT, Gaming, Linux, and others, it is recommended to navigate to the corresponding page for each server type. This will provide you with detailed latest information on the various server types and their respective features. We suggest visiting the relevant pages to gain a better understanding of the different server types and how they can benefit your professional or personal endeavors.

Please note that additional specifications may be released in the future. We always welcome custom specifications and quotes, which can be requested through the following page: Get Quote.

Thank you for considering our Cloud Computing solution.

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