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How do I open specific port on my Windows Server?

Edited on 2022-03-24

Opening ports on your Windows Server to make your hosted program/website available and open to the public, In this article we'll cover how to Enable any port we want and make it available to the public.

Note: If your hosting provider has a firewall panel, Use that according to your provider's instructions to open the port otherwise follow up here!

Overlaxed's Services has all Ports enabled and open by default except some to protect against fraud/spamming and security 

1. Go to Windows Search

2. Type "Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security"

3. Right click on Inbound Rules and Hit "New Rule"

4. A New window will popup

5. Select Rule type as "Port" and hit Next

6. Enter your Port in the port menu, and make sure it's TCP/UDP Depending on your hosting service's nature

7. Done

Congratulations, We have now enabled the port respecting Window's Firewall Rules


If you try to check port for your window's IP after this and get Port Closed. the reason will be is either you choose the wrong Type(TCP/UDP) OR Your program/website is not running properly so do check for logs/errors or in case the port itself is being USED


Windows Firewall Program override any Provider's Firewall Security unless the Provider modify the Operating System template and adjust it

It's always good to have The Firewall on and only Enable certain ports to avoid security threats.

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