Can I run an Android Emulator Software inside my Server?

Created on 2021-08-21 Updated on 2024-01-09

It's worth noting that most Android Emulators on the market require a Dedicated/Integrated Graphics Card (GPU) to run. Most of our Server types (Windows VPS/GIANT/and precisely our Gaming Servers excluding GPU Servers) do not have a Dedicated or Integrated GPU, which means that running an Android emulator (examples shared below) that demands either type on them is not possible and may even result in system malfunction, corruption, or failure. 

However, if you're specifically in need of a server for Android Emulating (Android Emulation), our AEMU (non-GPU) Servers with WSA / Official Play Store / BlueStacks / NoxPlayer pre-installed and set up, are designed to meet those requirements and can also run the Older Version(s) of BlueStacks (Recommended - Version 5 Only works on Our WS12/W10 Template) and NoxPlayer (Lighter - Only works on Our WS12/W10 Template). So, be sure to check them out if you're looking for that kind of solution.

When attempting to run an Android Emulator, it's important to be aware of the various software configurations and requirements needed for it to function properly. This includes physicality and GPU Graphic card requirements, as well as the fact that our servers are cloud-based in our Cloud Computing. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that the software you're using is compatible with our KVM-Based Cloud Servers, which are non-GPU equipped and cloud-based. Before attempting to run the Android/Phone Emulator, please double-check the configuration and prerequisites of your software to ensure that they meet the default environment of our Cloud Computing services.

Incompatible Android Emulator software (excluding compatible versions) that requires a GPU (Integrated/Dedicated) to work:


It's worth noting that some old versions of certain Android Emulator software, like Bluestacks 5 (Recommended for Powerful Servers) and NoxPlayer 5 (Lighter), have been tested and confirmed to work on Windows Server 2012R2, you can download each from the above links on Cloudy Storage, then install it, customize it if needed and run it on your existing Server. However, it's important to keep in mind that older versions may lack new features and only support older Android versions and apps. If you require installation of these versions on your active Overlaxed server, please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll review the possibility.

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